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GODREJ EZEE Gentle Fabric Wash Liquid Detergent


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Experience the Gentle Embrace of Cleanliness with GODREJ EZEE

Imagine wrapping yourself in a blanket of comfort, the softness of your favorite sweater, or the cozy hug of your cherished scarf. With GODREJ EZEE Gentle Fabric Wash Liquid Detergent, this comforting sensation isn’t just a fleeting moment; it’s an everyday luxury. Designed with your delicate garments in mind, this liquid detergent is a guardian for the clothes that touch your skin and your life.


  • Kind to Your Skin: Specially formulated to be gentle, it’s the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. Say goodbye to the harshness of regular detergents and hello to the soothing touch of GODREJ EZEE.
  • Protects Fabric Integrity: The no-soda, pH-balanced formula ensures that your clothes stay as vibrant and soft as your first wear. Cherish your garments longer, as they retain their color and texture, wash after wash.
  • Effortless Dissolving: Its liquid form dissolves quickly, leaving no residue behind, just pure cleanliness. Whether it’s a cold or warm wash, GODREJ EZEE works efficiently, saving you time and energy.
  • Woollens’ Best Friend: Specially crafted for woolens, it’s the ally your winter wear has been waiting for. Keep your knits fluffy and new, all through the chilly months.

With every drop of GODREJ EZEE Gentle Fabric Wash Liquid Detergent, you’re not just cleaning your clothes; you’re caring for them. It’s not just a detergent; it’s a promise of tenderness for the fabrics that adorn your life. As you pour it into your washing machine, feel the peace of mind that comes with knowing your clothes are in safe hands.

Join the multitude of Malaysians who have already discovered the secret to preserving the softness and longevity of their clothes. Don’t let another wash cycle go by without the gentle touch of GODREJ EZEE. Add it to your cart and bring home the care your clothes deserve.

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